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There is homework due every week.  It will count to your assessment.  The homework exercises are here.

I have written a detailed explanation about how to add C:\Dev-Cpp\bin to your PATH

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All the source files from the lecture notes are here; one zip file: now includes Andrew Eager's libioports, code, libraries and example programs.


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Port I/O on Windows XP, 2000, NT

Port I/O on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT is a complex, unsupported mess. Use Linux if you want something simple, standardised and supported. Several people have built device drivers to work around the limitations of Windows. We will use the logix4u.net device driver. There are no open source solutions for Windows that I have seen yet.

Other Resources

Thanks to Andrew Eager, and also to Peter Bishop, who sent me many of these links in a few emails: