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Purpose of this site

I wrote these notes to teach the subject Systems and Network Management in the Department of Information and Communications Technology at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi), up to September 2004.

This site has no connection to HKIVE or to the Department of ICT, since I do not work there any more.

I am happy to make this teaching material available under the GPL license; please contact me if you would like me to add the license to specific files that interest you.

Teaching Plan

Teaching plan: PDF, OpenOffice format, Excel format


Assignment 3: Net::LDAP with solutions

Older Assignments

Assignments 2002–2003

Test on SNMP on Tuesday, 20 January, 2004, 10.30am, B115




Network Troubleshooting

Network Design


Routing and Switching

Useful 3Com reference

Everything you wanted to know about IP addresses but were afraid to ask, (local copy)

Revision June 2003

Workshop Exercises

Perl Exercises

SNMP Exercises

Network Troubleshooting Exercises

LDAP Exercises

Routing Exercises

Past Exam Papers

Very Important Note

The exam this year (on 31 May 2004) will be quite different from previous years.  It will involve much more Perl programming than before.  In particular, it will include qestions related to programming with Net::SNMP and Net::LDAP. Information about these modules will be provided in the exam room.

Other changes include BGP added for the first time, some other material on DHCP and DNS removed.  We emphasised SNMPv3 much more than previously, and did not perform laboratory exercises with Cricket.

Older Material from 2001/2002

Revision from 2001/2002

Books, References and Software

Good books about Perl
Good books about SNMP
SNMP Software
Other SNMP Resources
Books about Network Troubleshooting
Books about LDAP

Burning CDs: how to do it

Using Mailing Lists (or even asking me questions!)

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (Eric Raymond)

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