Maths Formula Book

I studied 4 unit HSC mathematics at Meadowbank Tecnhical College with Gunter Beck as my best ever mathematics teacher. He was patient, kind, and generous with his time. He encouraged us to maintain an exercise book with tabs cut at the side, with each topic at a new tab so we could find it quickly.

At university, this exercise book proved so amazingly useful, it began to fall apart.

Returning to Meadowbank TAFE years later to thank him, I discovered that he had died, apparently of cancer. I decided to re-write his formula book in LaTeX in fond memory of Gunter Beck.

To Build

I built this using tetex, and also texlive on many Linux systems. To typeset the mathematical symbols in the diagrams so that you can use pdflatex to compile everything to PDF, you need figfrag.

Please report bugs

Please let me know if you strike any mathematical errors in this book, or if you need any help in compiling it.