System for making LaTeX teaching material


As a teacher at TAFE and at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, I wanted to create a system that would allow me to start teaching a new topic quickly and easily. The aims:

I originally used seminar, then Prosper, then HA-prosper, and finally LaTeX Beamer. I settled on using LaTeX Beamer because it allows the use of normal LaTeX commands and allows much greater flexibility than its predecessors. It is also actively developed.



How to use it

Initial Customisation

Starting a New Teaching Topic

To begin a new teaching topic, in the top level directory containing a Makefile, do:

make my-topic-name

This will create a subdirectory my-topic-name containing the contents of the template directory with the headings edited to my-topic-name.

You then go into that directory and edit the file my-topic-name/my-topic-name.tex.

Typing make in that directory will produce three pdf files and a postscript file:

the slides to show using a video projector
a pdf file suitable for printing as a handout to the students
The same, ready to send to a postscript capable printer.
the slides suitable for printing to transparencies, if there is no video projector available.

If you type


in the top level directory, then it will bring all the teaching material in all the subdirectories up to date, compiling anything that it is necessary to compile.

Browse the Files

You can browse the files.


This system is supported. Please write to Nick Urbanik and ask any questions you like about this system and how to adapt it to your needs.


All this system is licensed under the Gnu General Public License (GPL)